When you drive a long-distance car to carry out business affairs, suddenly stone grains drift like asteroids crashing on the windshield of the car leaving cracks and holes, at that moment all business plans become messy. Cracks in the windshield should not be taken easily. That might not seem like a big problem. But it has an impact on visibility and can cause security.

Hasil gambar untuk Cracked Car Windshield: Replace or Repair?

There are two preferred solutions for handling cracked car windshields. You can fix it if the holes are still small, or replace the entire windshield. The second-choice solution will require more expensive costs. While the first choice is done to repair the minor damage. A car windshield is far more important in terms of your safety than damage to car paint. You can call the windshield repair phoenix for the best windshield service.

The decision to repair or replace the windshield is determined by a number of factors. Among these are the types of cracks that occur, the location of cracks, and the number of cracks experienced by windshields. The most important thing is to fix the cracked windshield immediately. Because windshield cracks can be widened if not immediately repaired or replaced with the new windshield.

On laminated or tempered windshields, cracks less than 14 inches can still be fixed. However, if the cracks that occur are larger than that, it requires a complete windshield replacement. The quality of repairing large cracks is determined by the skill of the windshield technician. Generally, cracks of 1-2 inches can still be handled, but again it all depends on the advice given by the technician.

Some insurance companies also limit the length of damage that will be covered. Well, this will help you to decide whether the cracked windshield must be replaced or can still be maintained by fixing it.

According to some studies, cracks in car windshield cannot be repaired if damage occurs extending from the exterior windshield pane through the interior. This condition is too difficult to fix. The flatness that occurs in the corner is also often difficult to repair. If the cracks spread more, then it becomes a signal that you must immediately replace the windshield. Also consider temperature sensors, radio antennas, and various other advanced technologies that are usually embedded in the windshield of a car. Does the equipment require the glass to be replaced and consider the costs to be incurred in the presence of the equipment?

The process of repairing a cracked windshield takes about 30-40 minutes and is done by injecting resin into it. When the liquid hardens, the resin will help restore the adhesiveness or integrity of the windshield. The Kerin is then polished and followed by a UV irradiation process. If this process is carried out properly, the cracks will not be able to spread further.

Cracked Car Windshield: Replace or Repair?