What Makes the Baleno a Top Choice among Car Buyers?

Ever since its arrival in the Indian car market the Baleno has been receiving major attention from brand loyalists and car enthusiasts; so much so that, the manufacturing company has decided to increase its production. This major step is expected to cut down waiting time, so that people can take home their favourite car sooner than later.

All this hype compels one to think as to what makes the Baleno one of the top selling cars in the country. To answer similar queries, here is a breakdown of all that is cool about the car –

Premium experience

Retailed through the brand’s “Nexa” outlets, Baleno does in fact tick all the right boxes for a premium car in its price range. A good upgrade from its predecessors, the car is built to bring its buyers a top of the range driving experience.

Practicality at its best

There is no denying the fact that Baleno is a practical car. With a length of 3995 millimetres and a width of 1745 millimetres, the car is quite commodious on the inside. A large wheelbase of 2520 millimetres further makes driving the car in different terrains, without corroding it, easily possible.

The car also goes light on the pocket when it comes to fuel. One can hope to achieve good mileage in both the petrol and diesel variants of the car.

Amazingly loaded

When it comes to the interiors of this car, buyers are definitely in for a surprise. Loaded with a start and stop button, key-less go, rear parking sensors, touch screen system with Apple car play, audio controls on the steering wheel, rear camera, ABS, climate control, auto headlamps, follow me lamps and EBD and dual airbags across all its variants, the Baleno is well-equipped.

Wide range of variants

Baleno is a car designed to suit all kinds of buyers, with its wide range of variants. People looking for standard fuel options can go for the 1.2 litre VVT petrol engine, while those looking for autobox can opt for the CVT. Again, for people looking to save some bucks, the brand also offers a 190 DDiS diesel engine and for the ones on the lookout for sportiness comes the RS version of the car, powered by a 1.0 litre BoosterJet Direct Injection Turbo engine. Thus, the company ensures that all kinds of customers are covered.

Competitively rated

The brand brings its buyers numerous premium features stacked in a cool body beginning with a price of just Rs. 5.38 lakhs (ex-showroom price in Delhi). One can expect the Baleno car price to change by a few digits here and there.

However, the fact still remains that for a price this low, people get a fresher feeling car, with ample space within and loads of features, including safety features. The Baleno is definitely one of the best specimens for a well-priced car from its makers.

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What Is Behind the HGV Driver Crisis?

Whether your company relies on good supply networks or you manage a logistics company, you may have noticed that the demand for HGV drivers is currently high. So high, in fact, that some analysts are calling the shortage of HGV divers a crisis. What is behind the crisis and can things improve?

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Brexit Effect

The Brexit effect isn’t just going to mean higher food prices. The uncertainty around EU trade has had a major effect on the number of people entering the HGV driving workplace, especially migrants living in the UK who are unsure about their future. Until a final deal is made with the EU, the HGV driver crisis is going to continue.

Insurance for Under 25s

One of the major effects on HGV driver shortage is the fact that affordable HGV insurance is rarely permitted for drivers aged under 25. This means a whole section of society is restricted from this kind of work. Those aged 45 plus make up 60% of the HGV workforce in the UK, a statistic which is wholly unsustainable. Unless something is done to bring down the cost of HGV insurance for under 25s, the crisis is likely to worsen.

Some ways to bring down the cost can include fitting cameras and black boxes to vans. Some brokers such as https://www.quotemetoday.co.uk/hgv-insurance have access to specialist insurance providers and can find you the best available rates for under 25s and also advise you on how to make the premiums lower.

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Learning to drive is a considerable cost for youngsters today. The average cost for an 18-year-old to learn to drive in the UK is currently £3300. Add to that the cost of HGV lessons and an HGV licence and you can see why many people under 25 don’t see the point of gaining this skill. Employers could consider covering some of this cost for their young employees or apprentices in order to encourage them into HGV driving.

The crisis surrounding the number of HGV drivers in the UK is largely due to two factors: Brexit and not enough under 25s. Finding ways to cut the premiums for younger drivers as well as helping them cover the cost of learning are two great ways to help find more drivers for your logistics firm.… Read More