Four Points to Consider Before Renting a Moving Truck

Moving is not a process that many of us do on a regular basis, so the entire process may be overwhelming and a little stressful for most of us. You could move to follow your desire of a slower lifestyle or perhaps you need to move due to a changing life circumstance, regardless of the decision, the task to moving all your belongings near or far can take a burden emotionally and financially. One of the most important decisions to be made during the entire moving process is whether you should rent a moving truck or consider hiring interstate removalists for the job.

Although there are significant benefits that come with investing in professional movers and packers, moving can get expensive depending on how much furniture you need moved and how far you are planning to move. In the current economy, it is not uncommon to wonder if renting a truck and moving yourself is a better option, but before you do, consider the following points.

Protecting you furniture with moving blankets

Ideally, you would want your furniture to be moved with minimal damage or none at all. Moving companies would often supply their own moving blankets when you hire them but when it comes to renting a moving truck that is all that you’ll be given. Unless you aren’t too bothered about your furniture you can skip the expense, however purchasing some quality moving blankets can ultimately save you hundreds if not thousands on repairs towards your furniture. So factoring this additional expense is a good idea.

Ability to drive a large truck

Not everyone is comfortable being behind the wheel of a heavy haulage truck. The responsibility of being in control of a large truck may not be appealing to most people and can be and extra burden. Some states may require you to have a heavy vehicle driver’s licence, so check with your states local authority for requirements.

Man power required to help with the move

Of course the main motivation is to save some money when moving and you may have friends and family who are eager to help. Several boxes of pizza are definitely cheaper than the expense of hiring professional removalists. However, you must consider that moving is an intense physical activity and requires a person to have strength and be physically fit. Consider whether the savings are adequate enough compared to the potential risks involved in such a task.

Can you rent a truck one way?

Moving locally may not be a problem when renting a moving truck, however, if you are moving interstate or long distance it is simply not feasible to be returning the truck. It may be worthwhile researching whether a moving truck can be rented for a one way trip. Another option to consider when moving cross country would be to use a backloading moving service where you are charged for the amount of space you take up on the truck.

Ultimately the decisions relating to your move are … Read More

Things To Consider Before Using an Auto Body Shop

Each year, there are millions of car accidents in the United States. Once the dust from a car accident has settled, you may be left with a damaged vehicle. If you want to restore your car to like-new condition following a wreck, then you need to work with professionals. Trying to do auto body repair work alone is a recipe for disaster. 

Usually, there will be a number of body shops to choose from in most areas. Choosing the right shop to use for this job will require hard work and research. Before hiring an auto body shop, you need to consider some of the factors mentioned in this article. 

Take A Look At Their Past Work

One of the best ways to get a feel for what an auto body shop can do is by looking at their past work. Ideally, you want to choose auto body shops that have an online portfolio for you to look at. With a look at this portfolio, you can find the right auto body shop Lakewood CO

You also need to take a look at the reviews a body shop has received. These reviews can help you steer clear of auto body shops with bad reputations. 

Ask For Free Estimates

Most auto body shops offer free estimates to potential customers. Going around and getting multiple estimates is crucial when trying to avoid hiring mistakes. A body shop should provide you with a financial and a time estimate of the job at hand. Using this information allows you to narrow down the available shops in your area. Failing to do this research can lead to you overpaying for the auto body repairs you need.

As you can see, choosing the right body shop is a lot harder than it seems. With the tips in this article, you can get the right hire made in no time.  … Read More