Superb infrastructure and business-friendly policies are some of the main reasons that attract foreign investors to invest in dubai. Businessman only invest their money if they know their investment will be safe and yields good profit.  Real estate sector is the most contributing sector to the economy’s growth. But in the last few years, real estate dubai market is going through a rough patch and property prices have gone down considerably in the last few years. But with all things said, it is still one of the strongest real estate markets in the world.

Real estate bad days are going to vanish due to the latest announcement from the government. To resurrect real estate, local authorities have made some important announcements that will be game changer in upcoming years. Awarding permanent residency to its citizens is one of the key announcements that will cast positive impacts on property industry. According to real estate companies in dubai, we are very optimistic with dubai real estate because of the recent developments. Let’s not forget expo 2020 is also approaching and according to estimate around 20 millions people will visit dubai. This will alone boost the short term rental industry which is already facing a great time due to tourist influx. All these recent developments are getting eyeballs of property investors from all over the world. Here are some reasons that attracting foreign investors to dubai real estate market. 

Progressing Economy Growth

Economic growth of the city is awe inspiring and the same trend will continue in upcoming years. This is a very encouraging indicator for investors because that shows city is moving in the right direction financially. Nobody wants to bet on a dead horse.

Excellent Infrastructure 

World class infrastructure is very vital for any property investment and every investor take this point into consideration before putting money into it. State of the art hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, restaurants, road and transportation are some of the examples of superb infrastructure. According to one property manager, you may find 1 or 2 reasons to not invest here but i will give hundred reasons to invest in real estate. 

Property For Every Budget

For every budget type, you will find a suitable property; Whether you are looking for residential or commercial property. Inquire about the property prices from any reputed property management companies in dubai. It is better to ask more than one company to get a rough idea. You can go for off plan properties like luxury mansions, penthouses and one room studio apartment can be your potential property investment. 

Peaceful and Secure Environment 

Dubai is considered one of the safest metropolis around the world. Crime rate is very low and most of the population are law abiding citizens. Safety is most important factors that any investor thinks before investing in any country or city. 

High ROI

Real estate investment yields the most profitable return on investment. For example, short term and long term rental are experiencing a great boost due to increasing number of tourists every year. So don’t delay your judgment and invest in real estate market by buying or selling a property. 

No Property Tax

It is a big sigh of relief once know you don’t have to pay the property tax on your property. Federal government don’t impose taxes on the companies and individual wealth. But you should inquire about it from trusted real estate company. 

Final Thoughts 

Despite facing a little down time, dubai real estate is still one of the strongest emerging markets in the world. High ROI, safety, friendly business policies, location and infrastructure are some of the major reasons that attracts the foriegn investors into dubai. According to real estate companies in dubai, this is a perfect time to invest in real estate as the market is slowly getting  a pace. After the expo 2020 property prices will go higher so it’s a perfect time to make some good profit.    

Why Do Foreign Investors Loves to Invest in Dubai Real Estate Sector?