The car has many parts that work together to get it moving. However, a very important part of the car is its battery. The battery provides electrical power to the car and hence is responsible for starting the car. It also supplies power to the parts of the car that require electrical power such as the entertainment system.  Here are some signs that show your battery is getting spoilt and a change is required.

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Cranking of the engine without starting

One of the ways that you could know if your battery needs to be changed is when you attempt to put on the car and it starts cranking but the car won’t start. This could mean that the battery is not producing enough power to start the car. Other factors could be responsible such as a fuel system problem or faulty engine ignition. However, one of the first things you might want to do is to check the battery first as it is the easiest to check. You can get a battery from your other car if you have, from a neighbour, from a friend or from a car repairs workshop to check if the car will start. If it starts, it means it is the battery as suspected and the battery should be changed. If it doesn’t start, then you can start suspecting the other options. When you need to buy a battery, you can read about Car Parts 4 Less UK to know if they have the right type of battery for your car and if they are a reputable platform that you can patronize.

No cranking of the engine

Another sign that can let you know that it is time for you to change your car battery is when the engine will not crank. In this case, even the lights and accessories will be off. This shows that the battery is not supplying light at all to the car. Even though the fault could be with the electrical system of the car, the battery is often the first suspect. Hence, you have to rule it off before you start worrying about other suspects. Just like in the case of cranking engine without starting, you could get a battery that is functional from other people and use it to check if it would work. If another battery starts the car, it means there is a fault with your battery. In some cases, it could be that the battery discharged because you left your lights or something else on. The battery will only need to be charged to become functional again. In other cases, it could mean that the battery is bad and needs replacement. If you need to change the battery, you can check if your car insurance policy covers for it even though it will be rare for car insurance to cover for the battery. However, when there are other serious issues, you could involve your car insurance company. You should always see a list of car insurance reviews whenever you want to get an insurance policy for your car to know which companies provide what policies and what the policies cover.

Regular jump-starting of your car

If you notice that you have to jump-start your car in most cases before it comes on, it is one of the signs that could mean your battery needs to be repaired or replaced.

Leaking, swollen and/or cracked battery

When you start to notice leakages, swellings and cracks on your battery, it is also a sign that you should repair or replace the battery.


What are the signs that tell you that you should repair your car battery?