It’s a reality, the beetle is dead. It’s now old and it’s costly to keep it on the road or may be, it’s already on the rocks. You have the option of keeping it at your garage as a memory or sell it at a value and do something gainful with the proceeds. Obviously, the latter option sounds like the best option and thus you want to go ahead and dispose the vehicle at a reasonably competitive price.

The most important thing at this stage is to understand the worth of your car scrap and then you can move on and get the right buyer. Keep reading and find out how to go about it.

What time of the year are you selling your car scrap?

For some cars, the time of the year you try selling makes a huge difference. For instance, selling a 4*4 during bad weather would fetch some good money. At this time, the demand for such hardy vehicles is high and therefore you will reap much more than during other seasons. Others like the convertibles would fetch good money during the warm months, when the sun is shining. You may not wait for the weather changes and therefore, if it’s profitable, you could consider driving to states with such weather.

Don’t wait for too long

Waiting for the right season, like the bad weather to sell your 4*4 might not work especially if I would take you months. The scrap car values deteriorates at a faster rate when not in use and therefore, some parts that would have fetched you some good dollars may end up becoming obsolete. Rust easily covers a still car and the rubber parts turn brittle, gasoline begins to absorb water from the atmosphere and fluids begin to ooze out. In fact, during the rainy or snowy seasons, a month is enough to render the parts of the car useless.

Find out the current scrap car prices

Most of the car scrap dealer companies are looking out for steel, aluminum, copper and other valuable metals in your car. Find out the approximate weight of any of these metals in your car; their current prices will greatly affect the car scrap value.  A scrap car dealer wants to buy the metals because they in turn would sell to manufacturers who will recycle and make other valuables. The price is primarily determined by the demand- when it’s high, then better for you. The demand is determined by whether the cost of manufacturing is low and many people are buying cars, whether people are constructing and therefore high demand for construction materials. Therefore, before you sell that car, walk to metal dealer and check out the prices.

The list of the factors that would determine the price of your scrap is endless. However, it is imperative you do a market price research before you settle on the much you’d want to get for your car. Consult widely with friends who have done this business and you’ll be better informed to sell your scrap car profitably.

Understanding your scrap car value