Forklifts are the worker bees in any manufacturing and warehouse operations. They are commonly used to move heavy loads and sometimes in lifting or removing objects from high places. These powered industrial trucks are either ridden or controlled by a walking operator. They come in many types and these represent various operating hazards.

When choosing a forklift for your operation, the following are some specifics you should consider

It should match the work specifications

Think about the prerequisites and the functions that you would require of a forklift. Large companies would require several of these machines and therefore, you must pay close attention to these details and think about how different forklifts can serve different purposes. Consider the length of the aisles and other specifications such as the size of the items that you would need to lift. Whether the forklift will be used indoors or outdoors will dictate the power source; for instance, an electric forklift may only be used indoors, while battery or a generator can be used to power outdoors and would definitely impact safety.

If it is to be used indoors, you need to check the width, weight of the forklift and overhead obstructions. If it is to be used outdoors, you need to consider the tire type. You can consider a powered forklift so that you would not have to worry if the place in which it is operating in is too dark. You will need a forklift that is well endowed with tires especially if it is operating under slippery floors.

Consider the OSHA regulations

OSHA regulations are against a forklift or any machine of such magnitude being operated by someone under 18 years of age. These are considered minors and therefore cannot be certified to operate such machines. To determine the best way to protect workers, according to OSHA, depends on the size of the machine and the condition of the work site. Therefore, it is a requirement by this regulator for every employer to train their truck operators on a variety of subjects. Top on the list is maintenance and vehicle inspection. There is also a requirement for a daily pre-shift powered industrial trucks inspection.

A forklift plays a major role in moving and arranging big loads in a warehouse. Thus, think carefully before you purchase one.

Choosing the right forklift for your operation