Using your car for moving your furniture to a new place is not a piece of cake. As there are many large furniture items that must be carried in the truck or van, it is advisable to use your car only to move small household items. 

If you are really thinking of using your own for furniture relocation, you can consider some factors that are discussed below:

How much stuff can you proceed with your vehicle?

Space will be a problem you encounter if you try to use your own car. Rent a truck if you are planning to move to a three or four bedroom home. But if you are moving one to two bedroom or smaller studios, you may be able to use your own car for shifting your accessories and belongings if there is no bulky furniture.

If you have large pieces of furniture, never try the stunt to use your own vehicle to move. You have to make multiple trips back and forth and having a wardrobe hang halfway out of your trunk or strapped to the roof of your vehicle can be dangerous for not only yourself but other drivers around you. A better option would be to compare furniture movers or hire a suitable moving truck.

Distance and Fuel Price

Before planning to use your car for moving, consider the distance and gas price required for this whole moving task. By factoring the additional costs of petrol and time it will take to complete the move, it may work out to be a similar price if you were to hire a moving company. You can estimate how long it will take to make the move entirely to the new house and determine whether it is worth it.

Consider how many time will you need to refill the gas

If you are moving quite a distance with fully loaded furniture, you will need to fill up the gas tank multiple times. This will certainly take productive time away from the task of moving. A moving truck is ideal as it will be equipped with a larger gas tank and be able to handle the long distance whilst saving time. However, if you don’t have large furniture pieces, have the time and patience and willing to spend on expensive gas prices then moving in your own car may seem possible.

Your car’s condition

The condition of your vehicle can determine if the idea of full house relocation you’re your own car is possible. The car you use needs to be safe and reliable, with furniture items packed, it may cause safety concerns if you cannot see what’s behind nor do any blind spot checks. Before you start driving, get your vehicle inspected and serviced by a professional. Ask some service member to check fluid levels, tire pressure, and other basic auto maintenance features of your car.

Lifting assistance

Personal automobiles, unlike truck rentals, are not usually equipped with lifts for loading and unloading cargo. When relocating with your own vehicle, this means you’ll be doing a lot of lifting. You can ask some of your friends or family members to assist you in loading and unloading your belongings but even then, you can hurt yourself or cause injury to others when trying to load heavy items into a vehicle that is not suitable for moving.

Reasons why full house furniture relocation is not possible in your own car