Ever since Karl Benz managed to get an internal combustion engine to power a vehicle, only for someone to drive it into a wall on its inaugural journey, we have become more and more obsessed with Cars. We heap and lavish praise on them when they start on a cold morning, berate them when they breakdown and cost lots of money. We covet other cars and if we ever get a good one, we do not cease in driving it around the local neighbourhood showing it off. It is an example of status and power, just look at Trumps Bulletproof Limo type tank, or the massive Hummer of a Westside Rapper. 

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As if that weren’t enough then as a society, we also like to trace them or build them to be as fast and as agile as they can be either around a proper race circuit or take them out onto a wood road and rally them till there is no tomorrow which is the case sometimes if you wrap them around a tree.

If I was honest, I wouldn’t exactly count myself as being in that category. I mean, of course I appreciate a good McLaren P1 or F1 as the next person and id really appreciate tickets to receive some F1 Hospitality from websites such as http://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club  and I’d even accepted a Porsche Boxster if it was being given away but if I was truly straight about it as long as the car starts when I want it to and stops when I press the brake I’m pretty content with it.  If it’s dirty it’s because I view it as a tool and not, as some do, as an extension of myself so I don’t see the need to be sticking a polisher on the end of my drill and buffing the hell out of it so that it resembles a mirror.

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Each though to his or her own as the love of the car is not simple a male domain as it was. There was a time when the goings on of car was something “ladies simply wouldn’t understand”. Yeah? Try telling that to Suzie Wolff or the famous rallying Simonite Sisters. The car is a pretty universal object that we can all love and respect on a level playing field. Anyone can drive and the shout of “women drivers!” is no longer heard as society recognises that statistically women are safer drivers and cause less accidents.

So, don’t be ashamed to keep that motor car dirty or clean. Without it we’ll all be using the bus anyway.

Cars, it’s a love or hate relationship