At the beginning of the year, the focus in most industries and businesses is on work. People strive to make money to be able to cater for most basic amenities. After the hustle and thrills of work, for most people, it is time to hit the road and enjoy a well-deserved trip to recharge the batteries.

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Going on a holiday involves various planning as one must decide where they would be spending the holidays, with whom they would be spending the holiday and what they are going to need to make the holiday memorable and enjoyable

To get to the holiday destination spot, some would prefer to drive to occasionally stop and enjoy the scenery that graces the path to the holiday destination. For such a journey, you’d need a certain type of car that is best suited for long trips.

You might have picked up your smartphone in search of cars that are great for a road trip, and your search has led you to this article that would reveal some of the best-suited cars. For more information on the best cars for a holiday trip, we suggest you visit the automobile section of review platforms like


Audio A6, a mid-sized sedan with four or six six-cylinders, is the perfect getaway vehicle for one or two persons due to the fun it offers when driving. It has a sure-footed Quattro all-wheel drive system that consistently powers all four wheels.


Chevrolet Suburban is an SUV that has room for up to 8 persons. It has multiple attractive amenities such as multiple power outlets, 4G wifi, hotspot, Bluray/ DVD player, rear entertainment screens, fuel economy that is possible as it uses only four of its eight cylinders when full power is not needed and an 8,300 towing capacity to help carry campers, boats and toy trailers.


Buick Regal Tour X is a Buicks version of the Subaru like the crossover. It is fortified with a turbocharged engine, an active twin-clutch system, intelligent all-wheel drive, luxurious and comfortable interior and the Buicks quiet tuning technology that has laminated glass and special wheel well insulators.


Hyundai Palisade is perfect for family adventures. It is a new 2020 SUV with luxurious interior, shift by wire transmission, drive talk broadcasts, three rows of seats, warning lights in the dashboard for each seat, etc.


Cadillac ATS Coupe seats four adults comfortably, has only two doors, large turbocharged engine that generates about 300 hp and 300 mpg, a big trunk for gear, infotainment and driver safety technologies.

Toyota PRIUS

Toyota Prius has seating for five, 50 plus mpg, lots of cargo space, bulletproof reliability, plenty of infotainment, big rear space, etc.


Honda HDTV is a car that boasts 6.7 inches of car height and its creative magic seat interior layout.

There are a whole lot of luxurious packed cars for you to use as the perfect getaway car for your holiday road trip, you just need to find the perfect one.

Best cars to consider for an holiday road trip