People choose pickups as their vehicles of choice for many different reasons. Some folks simply like how the machines look, while others use them to haul tools, equipment, and trailers. But, regardless of what you do with your truck, you could find yourself in need of parts to fix the damage if a wreck occurs.

Then again, maybe your current truck bed begins deteriorating and falling apart. Consumers may be able to order these units through dealerships or auto parts stores. However, sometimes, the pieces can get discontinued, which makes them very hard to downright impossible to find.

What should a person do when they can’t find the parts they need? They should contact an organization that sells used pickup truck beds. That can get them the part they need and for a fraction of the cost of what they would have paid for a new piece elsewhere. These two truck bed styles could be perfect for you.

A Standard Bed

A standard pickup bed is basically just a rectangular box that extends past the cab. These units typically don’t come with any bells and whistles and are often the default bed style for trucks. However, this option can be perfect for a person who wishes to put their vehicle back together again in the same way as before an accident happened.

A Step-Side Bed

Step-side truck beds have a little more pizzazz than standard beds. They have curves and arches in all the right places because, as the name implies, the beds have steps on each side where people can put their feet to grab something from the back or hop in. There is a little something to keep in mind, though. The measurements of step-side beds tend to be smaller than those of standard beds. As such, if you’re planning on carrying a bunch of cargo, this may not be the appropriate option for you.


2 Types of Beds To Consider Installing on Your Truck