Hiking Poles and How to Effectively Use Them

Day walkers, trekkers or whatever kind of outdoor explorer have always appreciated the use of Hiking poles. It is still a surprise, however, that most of them do not exactly know how to use hiking poles.

Before anything else, hiking poles were obviously designed for support while trekking. They are made to help trekkers movies easier and quicker across terrains. These aids make trekking a whole easier so the activities become very fun and worthwhile. However, there is more to hiking poles than what most people know.

When used correctly, these hiking poles improve posture so the body gets less stressed from hiking. Even if the heart rate goes higher, the body experiences less exhaustion so the person can go farther. With hiking poles, the effort of hiking is not concentrated on the legs alone.
The Key Elements of Great Activities

What most people do not know is that there is a reason why hiking poles where designed with extra two points of contact. These two points help the user find better stability or support on unfamiliar surfaces. The user can feel more secure in unfamiliar grounds. With the right use of hiking poles, user decrease their chances of slipping.
Looking On The Bright Side of Gear

It does not matter if yours is the best brand if you know nothing about how to use hiking poles correctly. It starts the moment you set it up. Beside buying poles of the correct size for you, it has to be the right height. Also, there is a purpose to those straps. It helps you maintain grip on the pole even if you slip or stumble. Without these straps, you will tend to grip too hard around the pole. It is better to use hiking poles with a relaxed grip than a tensed one.

Users also need to know why hiking poles have baskets at the tip. They keep the poles from burrowing deep down very soft ground. This again, is for better support.

An added tip is to use two pairs of poles. You can never tell when you might need the extra pair. If the grounds are too steep, it is best to move sideways.

Moving on is how to use hiking poles when walking downhill. The poles must be slightly in front of the user’s body. This provide the body the right support that it need to protect you from impact of moving downhill.

On the other hand, here is how to use hiking poles when going uphill. Pros advice to shorten the poles as you will be using them to push yourself up not pull yourself up the hill. Do not use the poles as anchor as you put all your weight on it while going upwards. View website for more tips.