What Happens in the Dark Web?

A lot of people including yourself should have already heard about the speculations about something called the dark net, it has been all over the news, TV and movies. This dark web is because of the popular culture references. It would be easy for people to believe that the dark web is a bad place in the internet where a lot of things happen. If you are someone who is a fan of the House of Cards, then you will see a lot of things. A scene was depicted by a reporter digging up the dirt on the vice president asking about some help from someone in the dark web. The person contacted a hacker that could dig in deep into the abyss of the dark web where everything about everyone is listed.

The question here is, is the dark web real? The movie on the other hand might be fake but it was a great movie though.
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Why do people use the dark web then if it is real?
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The reporter in the movie the House of Cards visited the dark web because he had a specific reason for it. It might have been a movie but it tells you that there are actually people in real life that are seeking the dark web. The dark web is no simple web site or place to drop by while you are online. You just can’t get in the dark web, you have to have information about it first. You need to have some level of technological sophistication before you can get in the dark web.

Anonymity is important in the dark web.
More people want to get in the dark web because it makes them anonymous, meaning everyone can do what they want without getting caught. The dark web will be the avenue for weapons and illegal drugs and other illegal products. But it also serves as a save haven for people who want to share explicit data but are afraid they might be in danger. Anonymity is important for these journalists because they have very important information that could be useful for certain people with power.

There is a store in the dark web that a lot of people are visiting, so you ask yourself, what in the world is that store front selling that is making all of these people visit it. The dark web has a store called the silk road and it is a really popular store. It s a store that sells a lot of illegal narcotics. But it is also a good place for buying a wide variety of goods for sale.