Snow Goose Hunting With patience, you’ll eventually find success in snow goose hunting but before that, expect to experience lack of sleep, stack of decays and aggravation. While learning curve for hunting such creature is like of hunting Mallards, still the journey may make you want to sell of your gear and give up. As a matter of fact, the most effective way to abridge this curve is by training in the field. There are a number of things that you have to get hold of in case that you’re only a newbie for this activity. Say for example that you have small spread, then better leave lots of space between the decoys. For example, if you have a hundred decoys, you can spread them out to look like they are 150 or pack them tightly to make them look like 50. Let the geese to work as close as possible if it show interests in one of the decoys before calling the shot. Through this, it will help in maximizing your shot opportunities. Keep in mind to move decoys everyday in order to complement the changing weather conditions and wind. You’ll be in the wrong hunting spot if the decoys are left out for wrong wind condition. While hunting snow goose, call for small flocks that show the most interests. Usually, small flocks trigger bigger flocks in doing the same thing.
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Let the caller to set up the landing zone as the snow geese are going to focus on the sounds, which will then give you the chance to fire. It is important to know as well when you should call the shot and never let anyone to call it unless they sound like one.
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By keeping the blinds well mudded and setting it up in areas of field with taller vegetation or low spots, you will be able to hide it effectively. It is important as well that you take control of the retriever, which must be a bit behind to yours all the time. As much as possible, avoid standing around and wait for birds because it’ll make you be seen by geese before you see them. For this reason, standing around will decrease your chances of having a successful snow goose hunting. It will be ideal as well to hunt when there is good wind. And remember to position the blinds in the spread as the wind blows hard and cover up all shell boxes, blind bags and the likes. Snow goose hunting also has its ups and downs like for instance, you may go home with great rewards one day and none on the next.