Tips for buying a car for beginners

There is no specific brand of car you should go for as a beginner; the type of car you choose ultimately depends on your needs and choice. Here are some tips to guide you through buying your first car:

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Evaluate what you need

The right car for you is the car that meets your needs. If you want to make a statement with your car, then you go for the type of car that allows you to make such a statement. For instance, if you want to show you are rich, then you can buy a luxury car. If you want spirited drives, then you can buy a car with more power and a loud engine.

However, never sacrifice functionality for flashy features. Some of the questions you need to answer include how many people you need to carry, the type of driving you do, how long your commute is, the features you can’t do without, the safety features important to you, if you have kids, how much parking space you need, etc. The answers will help you make the right decision.

One of the other things you will need is an auto-insurance policy. Hence, you should be sure that after purchasing the car, you have enough to purchase an insurance policy that you will be able to maintain. You should look at car insurance companies reviews in the US on US-Reviews to know the right insurance type to get.

Prepare a budget

You have to think about how you are financing your purchase. If you do not afford to pay cash for your car, then you have to resort to paying in installments. Generally, you should not allow your car payment to exceed 15 percent of your monthly income. You will also want to consider the additional percent you need to spend on insurance and fuel. Creating a budget beforehand will help you negotiate better and buy the right car.

Decide which is best for you: Lease or buy

Both have their drawbacks and benefits, but one best suits your preferences. For instance, if you are leasing, you don’t need down payments and the monthly payments are cheap, but you are left with no car at the end of your lease. However, buying a car costs more but after you are done paying, the car is yours as long as you want.  You have to weigh both options in light of both your present and future and make the right choice.

Consider other cars

Most times, a lot of people have their minds set on a particular car but in today’s market, new cars are always released before you are settled on a decision. As such, you should research properly before committing yourself to a type of car. Try to review other vehicles in the same class of the car you have in mind. This helps you ensure that you don’t overlook a better choice. Your goal should be to get as much value for your money. After … Read More

Best Ways You Can Sell Old Your Car

Do you plan to sell your car? There are various ways you can sell your old car, either selling it to a car dealer/car lease companies or selling it online, etc. You can learn the different ways and locations you can do and how they could affect your price.

Before selling your car, first, find out your car’s worth before you do something else. Try using the on-site car valuation software to find your car’s value or read

Here are a few ways you can sell your car.

The 5 Best Ways To Sell Your Car (In Terms of Ease, Value, And Convenience)  - Money Under 30

·       Selling your car to a dealer

Part-exchange: The best way to sell your car is to swap it while purchasing a new or used vehicle from a dealer. Car dealers are willing to pay more to buy the inventory to satisfy the rise in demand for used cars, which is fantastic news for car owners since they can expect to get a better profit for their vehicle whether they are selling or trading right now. However, time is essential because there is no guarantee that these unique market conditions will continue for a long time to come.

You will probably get less for it than with a private sale, but you will escape the work and cost of ads and deal with inquiries, viewing, and test drives. Your car’s part-exchange value would be slightly higher than the trade price you would get if you sold your car to a dealer.

·       Selling outright

Selling an old car to a dealer or garage is a relatively fast and easy operation. The price you will get will depend on the vehicle’s value and quality, so it will not be the best possible price.

·       Selling privately

Selling a car in a private setting may be time-consuming, but you will probably get a better deal. Advertise your vehicle to prospective customers – e.g., a ‘For Sale’ sign on the windows of your car and store, classified advertisements in local papers, or on-site ads. Or, you may be able to find a buyer between friends or friends via social media, such as Facebook, or at work.

·       Online vehicle sales sites

Several online cars buy sites that will promise to take the work out of selling a car. You enter your car’s details on the company’s website, such as age and mileage, collect a valuation, and then take it to the nearest depot to test it.

When you want to sell your car online, be mindful that the online valuation usually is subject to a physical inspection of your vehicle. If the examination shows any defects, the final valuation figure could be considerably lower. You will also have to pay the administration fee for the service.

·       Auctioning

Auctioning a car is easy and reasonably hassle-free. But there is no guarantee that your vehicle can meet its reserve price, and you can end up getting less for it than by other methods of sale. And if it does not hit your reserved … Read More

What are the signs that tell you that you should repair your car battery?

The car has many parts that work together to get it moving. However, a very important part of the car is its battery. The battery provides electrical power to the car and hence is responsible for starting the car. It also supplies power to the parts of the car that require electrical power such as the entertainment system.  Here are some signs that show your battery is getting spoilt and a change is required.

How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter | CarHop

Cranking of the engine without starting

One of the ways that you could know if your battery needs to be changed is when you attempt to put on the car and it starts cranking but the car won’t start. This could mean that the battery is not producing enough power to start the car. Other factors could be responsible such as a fuel system problem or faulty engine ignition. However, one of the first things you might want to do is to check the battery first as it is the easiest to check. You can get a battery from your other car if you have, from a neighbour, from a friend or from a car repairs workshop to check if the car will start. If it starts, it means it is the battery as suspected and the battery should be changed. If it doesn’t start, then you can start suspecting the other options. When you need to buy a battery, you can read about Car Parts 4 Less UK to know if they have the right type of battery for your car and if they are a reputable platform that you can patronize.

No cranking of the engine

Another sign that can let you know that it is time for you to change your car battery is when the engine will not crank. In this case, even the lights and accessories will be off. This shows that the battery is not supplying light at all to the car. Even though the fault could be with the electrical system of the car, the battery is often the first suspect. Hence, you have to rule it off before you start worrying about other suspects. Just like in the case of cranking engine without starting, you could get a battery that is functional from other people and use it to check if it would work. If another battery starts the car, it means there is a fault with your battery. In some cases, it could be that the battery discharged because you left your lights or something else on. The battery will only need to be charged to become functional again. In other cases, it could mean that the battery is bad and needs replacement. If you need to change the battery, you can check if your car insurance policy covers for it even though it will be rare for car insurance to cover for the battery. However, when there are other serious issues, you could involve your car insurance company. You should always see a list of Read More

What you should do before selling your car and buying a new one

Are you tired of your old car? Maybe you’re looking to sell it off and get a new one, good riddance right? As much as that’s a good idea, it’s not that simple. It does sound simple, all you have to do is sell the old car and buy a new one. There are other options like swapping the old car for a new one and topping up with some money, you can check out sites like cars 24 for more details. Or you could take out loans to get a new car, while you get a buyer for your old car, you could read online reviews to learn more about loan companies like LendYou before considering applying for a car loan on their website.

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Study the Market

Studying is necessary for whatever you want to do and something as vital as selling your car would require a lot of studying. You can read magazines, newspapers, blogs, and more to find out how cars are being sold and to compare prices so you’d know what price to put your car up for. This is not a guarantee that your car will be bought at that price because you have to take into consideration that buyer’s offer will be determined by the present state of the car, the mileage, and other minor factors like the landscape, that is the kind of roads the car will be driven on and even the weather.

Assemble Paperwork

This is stressful but also extremely important. You have to sort through different documents, although the required documents vary depending on the state you reside in, they usually include an odometer certificate, bill of sale, and the title of the car, and sometimes a vehicle history report. If you still have debts on the car, you’d have to sort that out before proceeding to sell your car.

Inspect It

Before listing your car for sale, you would want to inspect it to make sure its working perfectly, you can take it to a mechanic or dealership for a professional look at the car to determine if there’s anything that needs fixing and proceed to fix anything that requires fixing. Also, you have to consider the cost of maintenance and how it will impact the sale price and decide on expenses that are worth it to avoid losing money. You could change the interiors, give it a new look by painting it and stuffs like that just to make it look better and more appealing.

Detail It

Your car will be worth more if it is clean and looks well taken care of, so before you proceed to list your car for sale, ensure you detail it to restore the seats, carpets, steering wheel, or anything that may look worn out, these minor changes do not usually cost a lot but will increase the worth of your car. No one wants to buy a car that looks worn or ready for the dumpsite. Do as much … Read More

How long does golf cars last?

Basing your decision to buy a car on the look of a vehicle is risky. Before making up your mind to visit the dealer lot, as a customer, you ought to know what you want and questions to ask. For whatever reason you would like to buy a car, one thing you must not forget to find out is the quality and longevity of the vehicle you would like to purchase. Why is because the Big Sky Golf Cars are the best seller, not just because it is a Volkswagen brand but for the fact that they are of good quality.

Your Complete Guide to Purchasing a Golf Cart | Golf Cart Resource

More than 100k miles no issue

It is the tradition of the Volkswagen brands that they can last more than 100,000 miles at a go without problems. The Big Sky Golf Cars can as well go that far without issues; the engine was built mainly to go far more than that without issues. No matter the wear and tear that the vehicle faces in the process of using it, it’s worth more than its price.

Why people sell their golf cars

People sell their golf cars not because they are unable to use nor enjoy its use; they sell because they want to place their hands on a new brand of the vehicle. If you are a car dealer, you will understand better that every year a new model comes into the market. Manufacturers do this to update the state of the art technology by tweaking designs just to come up with a more catchy design.

How average do a Big Sky Golf Cars last?

The answer to this question varies as the owner of the car mostly determines it. Based on findings, an average driver should travel not less than 13,476 miles in a year, while it takes up to over seven years before a car can certify 100,000 miles. However, a typical Big Sky Golf Cars have no problem surpassing that milestone. There is no doubt that a Big Sky Golf Cars can go more than 200,000 miles without developing any fault in as much as it does not lack regular maintenance.

How to maintain the Big Sky Golf Cars

Change its filter regularly

The more you use the car, the more the filter gets blocked, and you need to change it or service it so the car will not have a reason to give you issues. You can as well make the filter last longer by washing it regularly.

Drive all the time carefully

Driving with care is something you must put into consideration only if you want your car to last long. Doing so will reduce the rate of wear and eke of the vehicle mile per tank full.


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