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Our 24/7 Roadside Help is the most trusted towing and rescue fleet in Alberta, and it really is exclusive to AMA members.  We are widely recognized for our rapidly response, exceptional service and expense-efficient services prices. We have the best and certified towing and road service technicians all equipped to give the best help you require for all your towing and road requirements. We provide around the clock help to all of our consumers in calgary towing and understand the reality that our consumers want a service that is effective and does not result in them to lose valuable time. In addition to serving for Calgary we are also catering to the needs outside the area.

As a specialist towing organization, 1Onkar Towing Inc has been serving Calgary and its surroundings. Boss Towing and Recovery has sets new common for Towing organizations in Calgary. Our fast response has helped the Calgary locale in every towing predicament there is. We have countlessly rescued many lives, helped people in meeting their appointments and eased burdens brought by automobile difficulties by arriving on time. Kwick Towing offers 24/7 hours towing and emergency roadside solutions about the Calgary that assist you in handling your vehicle breakdown.

We are always pleased to offer impound towing assistance, even answering standard concerns and issues about the Calgary impound procedure. We are accessible 24/7 7 days a week Trustworthy Service Greatest Prices Swift turnaround Time. The Impound Lot is a secure storage location for cars that have been stolen, abandoned, or parked illegally or have been involved in an accident or crime. ASAP Towing Calgary offers the ideal and cost-effective rates compared to other towing services in Calgary, but comes with prime-high quality service you can get from a towing service provider.

When you have run out of gas, want a tire fixed or a battery jumped, no matter exactly where you occur to be in the Calgary location and no matter what time of day or night it is, Swift Towing has a skilled ready to solve your dilemma. When you want to know exactly how a lot it would price to tow your car from point A to point B, nonetheless, issues may well not be so straightforward. 1st of all, towing in Calgary prices rely on distance You’ll find a lot of solutions that have effectively-created internet sites equipped with tow rate calculators that offer you with an estimate on your towing tasks, and these will initial and foremost contain a distance calculator.

For motorcycle roadside towing please verify out our Motorcycle Towing web page beneath Towing Solutions. Our rates are the lowest in the industry and we have 1 of the quickest response instances in the complete nation, which is why we are so hugely rated by everybody in the industry. Our Calgary towing services focused on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and we will do almost everything we can, to meet your expectations. City Wide Towing has supplied consumers the advantage … Read More

Criteria for the Selection of Sustainable Onsite Equipment

Throughout the world, onsite equipment is becoming increasingly advanced with much more powerful and highly efficient machinery entering the sites each year. The overall performance of onsite equipment is crucial towards achieving construction, agricultural, mining and tunneling productivity and nearly all site managers and their teams recognize the importance of choosing the right kind of equipment. There are high numbers of factors that ascertain the type and technicality of the equipment required for successful execution of a project.

There are a wide variety of factors that a manager needs to address before settling on the equipment which includes the overall acquisition and running cost, specifications of the project, logistical feasibility, adaptability of the equipment, availability of the parts, performance record of the machine, the power required off the machine, expertise of trained operators and their availability, company’s internal policies, brand equity and reputation of the manufacturer, performance life and salvage value, safety orientation and other need specific factors which may differ from project to project.

However, even onsite equipment has some sort of an impact on the surrounding environment whether it’s in the form of CO2 emission levels or noise pollution. A research estimated that the construction process produced nearly 40-50% of the total greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere each year and onsite equipment is a substantial part of the whole process. Environmental Sustainability is an important factor in consideration for selection of onsite equipment because this will avert a significant amount of damage to the environment quite easily. Here are the criteria you should weigh for the successful selection of sustainable onsite equipment:

Lowered Greenhouse gas emissions:

Probably one of the most, if not the most important selection criterion among all, acquiring onsite equipment that has the lowest of emissions of harmful gasses like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide and more, is what will truly make the equipment “Sustainable”.

Onsite equipment produces more greenhouse gasses than passenger cars because they run mostly on Diesel. The presence of Gasoline powered equipment is little to virtually non-existent because the combustion of gasoline cannot provide the power required for executing the wide variety of applicable onsite technical requirements for e.g. gasoline engines might not be suitable at all when it comes to running extremely resilient load carriers like dump trucks or giant concrete mixers.

To mitigate these harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions, there are two options. The first one is to opt for equipment that runs on bio or other forms of sustainable fuels and the second is to select equipment that has an efficient engine with better performance resulting in lower overall emissions. Making this a priority is important for the wide variety of industry involved in the use of onsite equipment so that they work and deliver the perfect triple bottom line result which will include profits, environment, and people, benefitting them in the short and long run.

Lowered Noise and Vibration:

Becoming a nuisance should never be one of the outcomes of employing onsite machinery on a … Read More

Factors that Define Bike Insurance Premium Calculation

There are many aspects that determine your Bike insurance premium. The premium of your bike insurance may vary with your neighbor, as the premium of bike insurance depends on many factors. Some of the factors are discussed here:


The most important factor in deciding the premium of the bike insurance is the coverage. Higher the coverage, higher is the insurance premium. Minimum you have to go for only third party cover which covers the damages, injuries or even death caused to the third party. But this alone may not suffice and hence you can go for comprehensive cover which will cover you with accidents, thefts, natural calamities, other mishaps along with the third party cover.

Model and make of your bike

The better your model is, the higher is the premium of your two wheeler. If you own a luxury bike or a premium model, then you must be ready to pay a higher premium.

Your age and driving record

Yes, your age may also decide your premium. The age bracket of 18 to 25 is likely to cause more accidents and physical damage, hence the people who fall in this age bracket are asked to pay a little more premium. The company also considers the past driving record of the rider.

Year of Manufacture

The old bikes have a higher rate of depreciation and hence their IDV or insured declared value is low. Hence they have a lower premium.

Add on

If you own a luxury two wheeler you would have spent some money in accessories, and hence you would like to protect that too. So, if you are going for an add-on cover such as zero depreciation cover, there will be a hike in the premium amount of your bike insurance.

More dense area

If your address falls into the “High density” locality or an urban location, then be ready to pay a higher premium. The reason being that the insurance company believes that a higher dense area or an urban locality will have a higher traffic and hence the chances of accidents are more. This is why they may ask you to pay more premium.

Anti-theft Discount

If you have fitted an Anti-Theft device in your two wheeler, this means that the chances of theft has reduced to minimal, so you have done half of the job of an insurance company, hence your premium amount will be quite low. An ARAI approved anti-theft device may fetch you an additional discount of more than 2%.

NCB or No claim bonus

One of the important factors to calculate your premium is NCB or no claim bonus. This benefit is given to those people who have not claimed an iota from the insurance company in the past year. This way you are liable to get a bonus or a discount from the company for not demanding any claim in past. This is one of the appreciation the company gives you in the form of bonus for being a … Read More

Quick Guide to Renew Bike Insurance

Now that you are nearing the expiry date of your two wheeler insurance, one of the important jobs is to get it renewed. With so many insurance companies in the foray; their competitive and customer friendly insurance policies allow us to get the insurance and renew the same in a fraction of a second.  The whole process is quite easy and non-cumbersome.

How to renew bike insurance within due date?

You can renew your bike insurance policy online. All you have to do is to open the website of your insurer or the new insurance company (if you are looking for a change in your insurer) and search for the tab of bike insurance renewal. In case of a change in insurer, you may have to fill up the form very carefully. You will be required to enter the details of your two wheeler including the vehicle number, policy number or cover number, engine number etc. Make sure to enter all these details without making an error because it may cause trouble at the time of verification and the mismatch will make you go through the entire process again. After you are done with it, you may be asked to enter your credit or debit card number to pay the amount. In case of the change in insurance company, an inspection of your two wheeler will also be scheduled and conducted from the new insurance company. This is how you can renew your bike insurance policy online.

In case you do not want to go online, you will have to make a visit to your existing insurer or the new insurer. There you will have to fill up the same form manually and reconfirm all the mandatory details. You will be asked to make the payment and get the renewed car insurance papers.

How to renew bike insurance after the due date or the lapsed bike insurance?

In case your bike insurance has expired, this process becomes a little tedious. As soon as you realize that your two wheeler insurance is expired, you must contact your insurer immediately. If you have just expired your policy and you are still under the grace period of say 3 days to 30 days (depending on the insurance provider), it may get renewed without paying any additional cost or penalty with an easy procedure. But many companies do not offer grace periods and the insurance expires right after the due date while many companies offer a grace period with late fee penalty.

However, if much time has already passed and you are out of your grace period, you may have to bear a lengthy process and you may also be asked to pay a penalty. Keep important documents handy to give it to the insurer as and when asked. The documents may include RC, a copy of your previous insurance policy and also past claim papers if applicable. Claim history paper is a must have document as these papers will decide … Read More

Welcome To Adventure Bike Rider

About the Activity:Be a component of the yoga vacation in South Goa and really feel rejuvenated with some therapeutic yoga your thoughts calm and peaceful with two yoga sessions a day, you can either attend a single session or each the sessions.Get pleasure from the luxurious view of the sea by relaxing on the shore in the beach cottages.Relish the knowledge of dining that consists of scrumptious lunch and dinner with fruit salad and relax on the shore. So with out additional digressions, we move on to our list of the very best areas to go to in India in Summer i.e. March, April, May, June, July August and September to help you program your getaway! When I visited ashrams in India and Thailand you had to watch out for snakes and monkeys jumping on your back. Now how about a properly settled administrative city for your summer time vacations in India. We give you a story of a polish girl and a boy from India who soon after their first conversation knew that they could not reside without each and every other , and following the initial meeting had been confident that living seperately wont make any sense for them Bali is a paradise for spa lovers, and all sorts of therapies are broadly accessible.

There is a new kid on the block exactly where hill stations are concerned in east India – Kurseong. Here I am, pondering in the reverse following Gandhi’s quote India lives in its Villages”. In this section, we will provide you with info on the excursions of Chandigarh, India. Can u inform me how much did it cost at the Himalyan Paradise hotel for accommodation and meals. For almost as lengthy as individuals have ridden bikes with knobby tires, those individuals have brought their bikes to this little town in eastern Utah, a rust-colored recreation paradise of sandstone canyons and higher desert mountains on the banks of the Colorado River. This famous hill station in Northern India has often been fancied by movie directors and film makers. Actually meaning a sea of milk, Dudhsagar Falls is a four tiered waterfall located and the 4th tallest waterfall of India. India is a vast country of significantly diversity, different languages and lively men and women.

No, The Naked Bike Ride is an homage to naked cyclists who are killed every day – by truck drivers wearing too considerably clothing. A bike trip from Bangalore to Mysore unravels several appeals Irrespective of the time one particular heads out, here’s 1 state highway which is energetic and crowded from the word go. Pachmarhi is the one particular and only hill station of the state which is also called as Satpura ki Rani”is at an altitude of 1000 m, and the highest point in the central region of India and the paradise for trekkers of Pachmarhi is Dhupgarh, which is at an altitude of 1100 m. DAWN wants appreciation for covering republic day celebration of India on … Read More