Do you plan to sell your car? There are various ways you can sell your old car, either selling it to a car dealer/car lease companies or selling it online, etc. You can learn the different ways and locations you can do and how they could affect your price.

Before selling your car, first, find out your car’s worth before you do something else. Try using the on-site car valuation software to find your car’s value or read

Here are a few ways you can sell your car.

The 5 Best Ways To Sell Your Car (In Terms of Ease, Value, And Convenience)  - Money Under 30

·       Selling your car to a dealer

Part-exchange: The best way to sell your car is to swap it while purchasing a new or used vehicle from a dealer. Car dealers are willing to pay more to buy the inventory to satisfy the rise in demand for used cars, which is fantastic news for car owners since they can expect to get a better profit for their vehicle whether they are selling or trading right now. However, time is essential because there is no guarantee that these unique market conditions will continue for a long time to come.

You will probably get less for it than with a private sale, but you will escape the work and cost of ads and deal with inquiries, viewing, and test drives. Your car’s part-exchange value would be slightly higher than the trade price you would get if you sold your car to a dealer.

·       Selling outright

Selling an old car to a dealer or garage is a relatively fast and easy operation. The price you will get will depend on the vehicle’s value and quality, so it will not be the best possible price.

·       Selling privately

Selling a car in a private setting may be time-consuming, but you will probably get a better deal. Advertise your vehicle to prospective customers – e.g., a ‘For Sale’ sign on the windows of your car and store, classified advertisements in local papers, or on-site ads. Or, you may be able to find a buyer between friends or friends via social media, such as Facebook, or at work.

·       Online vehicle sales sites

Several online cars buy sites that will promise to take the work out of selling a car. You enter your car’s details on the company’s website, such as age and mileage, collect a valuation, and then take it to the nearest depot to test it.

When you want to sell your car online, be mindful that the online valuation usually is subject to a physical inspection of your vehicle. If the examination shows any defects, the final valuation figure could be considerably lower. You will also have to pay the administration fee for the service.

·       Auctioning

Auctioning a car is easy and reasonably hassle-free. But there is no guarantee that your vehicle can meet its reserve price, and you can end up getting less for it than by other methods of sale. And if it does not hit your reserved price, you will have to take it home and try another deal again.

Much of the auction buyers are in the car trade. If you are fortunate and attract a private buyer, they may be willing to pay more than a dealer for your vehicle.

·       Live Auction

You will need to pay an entrance fee of about £30, set a reserve price for your vehicle, take it to the auction, and then wait for the hammer to drop.

If your car sells, the winning bidder pays for it immediately, and the auction firm gives you the selling price minus its fee. It could be up to 10% of the selling price.

·       Virtual auction

Online auctions are a straightforward way to sell used vehicles. You advertise your car on the platform with a complete description and pictures and then put ‘online’ on the auction.

Best Ways You Can Sell Old Your Car