The Perfect Gift for My Dad

I was trying to think of the perfect gift for my father. He is the hardest person to buy for because he lacks for nothing. This never stops me from finding him the perfect gift though. This year for his birthday, I was thinking for days, and I was coming up empty. I knew I still had time though, and I did end up finding the best gift ever. My boss told me to find the best show plates online after I asked him about a show plate that he had displayed on his office wall.

I am rarely in his office as he is very interactive with us in the main parts of the office, but I had to have him sign some papers quickly. As soon as I saw the show plates, I knew that it was something my father would really enjoy too. He is a classic car buff, and he loves going to car shows.… Read More

definition multimedia interface automotive collaboration

AIMC (Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration) or the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration is a world organization in charge or provide a standard for automotive companies in building interfaces (interfaces) multimedia vehicle that will be produced by the auto manufacturers.
Multimedia system that is in automotive systems include the system of the vehicle itself, the vehicle systems are connected to the mobile system, and entertaiment system (entertainment) that is in the car.
The Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMIC) was established in October 1998 with the aim to develop a set of common specifications for multimedia interface to the electronics systems of motor vehicles to accommodate a variety of computer-based electronic devices in the vehicle. This initiative-the founder of Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Renault and Toyota – now groups all the major auto makers, and thus provide new strategic opportunities to achieve a common set of car industry.

Some of the companies involved in the organization of the AIM-C. They can be divided into two types, namely its automotive companies (Vehicle Corporation) and enterprise support (Support Corporation).
Which is becoming Vehicle Corporation, among others:
FIAT, Ford Motor Company
– General Motors
– Honda
– Nissan
– Toyota
– Renault
– PSA Peugeot Citroen

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMI-C

• Provide interface standard, allowing a driver of a vehicle (car) can use other devices through a variety of media, computers, communication devices of the navigation system and handsfreeyang commonly used in cellular phones, including the introduction of voice synthesis function for short range communications for the dedicated communication a short distance (DSRC) system for a vehicle to infrastructure communications and car systems such as airbags, door locks and diagnostic input / output.
• Improve the various options that can be used by the user and also to reduce the vehicle’s electronic system obsolescence.
• Cutting costs incurred for the entire vehicle and equipment information hidubran by increasing the size of the market that is effective and shorten the development time effective automotive industry. Because the more the number of vehicles that often contain a variety of custom developed components and platfor typical only about 50,000 units.
• Offer open standards and specifications for the interface information in the vehicle and between the vehicle and the outside world.

 Disadvantages of AMI-C
• The selling price of the vehicle to be expensive because the system that created the result of collaboration between the various manufacturers.
• Media presented quite a lot so it takes time to get used in the operation.
• Enlarge the possibility of negligence in using the system so as to cause an accident.Read More

What are the signs that tell you that you should repair your car battery?

The car has many parts that work together to get it moving. However, a very important part of the car is its battery. The battery provides electrical power to the car and hence is responsible for starting the car. It also supplies power to the parts of the car that require electrical power such as the entertainment system.  Here are some signs that show your battery is getting spoilt and a change is required.

How to Test a Car Battery with a Multimeter | CarHop

Cranking of the engine without starting

One of the ways that you could know if your battery needs to be changed is when you attempt to put on the car and it starts cranking but the car won’t start. This could mean that the battery is not producing enough power to start the car. Other factors could be responsible such as a fuel system problem or faulty engine ignition. However, one of the first things you might want to do is to check the battery first as it is the easiest to check. You can get a battery from your other car if you have, from a neighbour, from a friend or from a car repairs workshop to check if the car will start. If it starts, it means it is the battery as suspected and the battery should be changed. If it doesn’t start, then you can start suspecting the other options. When you need to buy a battery, you can read about Car Parts 4 Less UK to know if they have the right type of battery for your car and if they are a reputable platform that you can patronize.

No cranking of the engine

Another sign that can let you know that it is time for you to change your car battery is when the engine will not crank. In this case, even the lights and accessories will be off. This shows that the battery is not supplying light at all to the car. Even though the fault could be with the electrical system of the car, the battery is often the first suspect. Hence, you have to rule it off before you start worrying about other suspects. Just like in the case of cranking engine without starting, you could get a battery that is functional from other people and use it to check if it would work. If another battery starts the car, it means there is a fault with your battery. In some cases, it could be that the battery discharged because you left your lights or something else on. The battery will only need to be charged to become functional again. In other cases, it could mean that the battery is bad and needs replacement. If you need to change the battery, you can check if your car insurance policy covers for it even though it will be rare for car insurance to cover for the battery. However, when there are other serious issues, you could involve your car insurance company. You should always see a list of Read More

What you should do before selling your car and buying a new one

Are you tired of your old car? Maybe you’re looking to sell it off and get a new one, good riddance right? As much as that’s a good idea, it’s not that simple. It does sound simple, all you have to do is sell the old car and buy a new one. There are other options like swapping the old car for a new one and topping up with some money, you can check out sites like cars 24 for more details. Or you could take out loans to get a new car, while you get a buyer for your old car, you could read online reviews to learn more about loan companies like LendYou before considering applying for a car loan on their website.

When is a Good Time to Sell Your Old Electric Car ❤️ Find Out More Here

Study the Market

Studying is necessary for whatever you want to do and something as vital as selling your car would require a lot of studying. You can read magazines, newspapers, blogs, and more to find out how cars are being sold and to compare prices so you’d know what price to put your car up for. This is not a guarantee that your car will be bought at that price because you have to take into consideration that buyer’s offer will be determined by the present state of the car, the mileage, and other minor factors like the landscape, that is the kind of roads the car will be driven on and even the weather.

Assemble Paperwork

This is stressful but also extremely important. You have to sort through different documents, although the required documents vary depending on the state you reside in, they usually include an odometer certificate, bill of sale, and the title of the car, and sometimes a vehicle history report. If you still have debts on the car, you’d have to sort that out before proceeding to sell your car.

Inspect It

Before listing your car for sale, you would want to inspect it to make sure its working perfectly, you can take it to a mechanic or dealership for a professional look at the car to determine if there’s anything that needs fixing and proceed to fix anything that requires fixing. Also, you have to consider the cost of maintenance and how it will impact the sale price and decide on expenses that are worth it to avoid losing money. You could change the interiors, give it a new look by painting it and stuffs like that just to make it look better and more appealing.

Detail It

Your car will be worth more if it is clean and looks well taken care of, so before you proceed to list your car for sale, ensure you detail it to restore the seats, carpets, steering wheel, or anything that may look worn out, these minor changes do not usually cost a lot but will increase the worth of your car. No one wants to buy a car that looks worn or ready for the dumpsite. Do as much … Read More

How long does golf cars last?

Basing your decision to buy a car on the look of a vehicle is risky. Before making up your mind to visit the dealer lot, as a customer, you ought to know what you want and questions to ask. For whatever reason you would like to buy a car, one thing you must not forget to find out is the quality and longevity of the vehicle you would like to purchase. Why is because the Big Sky Golf Cars are the best seller, not just because it is a Volkswagen brand but for the fact that they are of good quality.

Your Complete Guide to Purchasing a Golf Cart | Golf Cart Resource

More than 100k miles no issue

It is the tradition of the Volkswagen brands that they can last more than 100,000 miles at a go without problems. The Big Sky Golf Cars can as well go that far without issues; the engine was built mainly to go far more than that without issues. No matter the wear and tear that the vehicle faces in the process of using it, it’s worth more than its price.

Why people sell their golf cars

People sell their golf cars not because they are unable to use nor enjoy its use; they sell because they want to place their hands on a new brand of the vehicle. If you are a car dealer, you will understand better that every year a new model comes into the market. Manufacturers do this to update the state of the art technology by tweaking designs just to come up with a more catchy design.

How average do a Big Sky Golf Cars last?

The answer to this question varies as the owner of the car mostly determines it. Based on findings, an average driver should travel not less than 13,476 miles in a year, while it takes up to over seven years before a car can certify 100,000 miles. However, a typical Big Sky Golf Cars have no problem surpassing that milestone. There is no doubt that a Big Sky Golf Cars can go more than 200,000 miles without developing any fault in as much as it does not lack regular maintenance.

How to maintain the Big Sky Golf Cars

Change its filter regularly

The more you use the car, the more the filter gets blocked, and you need to change it or service it so the car will not have a reason to give you issues. You can as well make the filter last longer by washing it regularly.

Drive all the time carefully

Driving with care is something you must put into consideration only if you want your car to last long. Doing so will reduce the rate of wear and eke of the vehicle mile per tank full.


Avoiding the use of your air conditioner will make the gas inevitably leak over time, most especially if you don’t use it regularly. Nobody is doubting the fact that leaving the air conditioner out of use helps to save fuel, but not using it will … Read More

Car Accessories to Improve Security

Car Smart sells plenty of vehicle accessories. Some of their premier products are the security accessories.

Such accessories are important to not only keep your vehicle safe but also the valuables inside the vehicle. A car is stolen approximately every 15 seconds somewhere in the globe so you cannot take you car’s security too seriously.

Car Accessories | Charleston, SC | Car Audio, Radio & Security

The range of security accessories is so wide you can hardly list all of them here. The following are some car accessories you can use to improve your car’s security:

Steering Wheel Lock

The steering wheel lock is one of the oldest but most effective car security measures. The reason it has been around for so long is because it works.

Granted, a thief can circumvent the steering wheel lock but with a lot of time and specialised equipment. Many thieves would opt to break into a car without a steering wheel lock than breaking into a car with one.

A steering wheel is not only a practical car accessory to improve security but it is also a strong visual deterrent since it can be seen through the window. If you have to geta car accessory for security, start with the basics.

Car Immobiliser

Another great accessory to put into your car for protection is the car immobiliser. An immobiliser is a device that prevent certain vehicle parts such as the ignition or fuel pump from working if you do not switch off the immobiliser.

The best place to put the immobiliser is in a hidden place which will make it difficult for the thief to find. If they cannot find it, they cannot steal the car.

A car immobiliser works great and the best part is that it is very cheap compared to other car security accessories such as an alarm system.

Alarm System

The benefits of having an alarm system in your vehicle cannot be understated. Alarm systems are the most popular car security accessory in the world.

An audio preventive measure is very effective in preventing car theft. They alert others including the authorities of a car theft in progress.

You can also link your car alarm to a car immobiliser so that if the alarm is not turned off, certain elements of your car do not function. The louder the alarm the more effective it is likely to be.

The best car alarm will be worthless if it is not used. Therefore, ensure you turn on your car alarm whenever you park your vehicle.

Car Tracker

If your car does happen to be stolen, then your last line of defense will be the vehicle tracker. The car tracker is usually placed in a hidden position which makes it quite difficult to find.

With a car tracking system, you can know the location of your car whenever you want and wherever it is around the world. A car tracking system can be disabled but it offers accurate locations until then.

Car smart tracking systems are from different companies which offer great tracking … Read More

Cracked Car Windshield: Replace or Repair?

When you drive a long-distance car to carry out business affairs, suddenly stone grains drift like asteroids crashing on the windshield of the car leaving cracks and holes, at that moment all business plans become messy. Cracks in the windshield should not be taken easily. That might not seem like a big problem. But it has an impact on visibility and can cause security.

Hasil gambar untuk Cracked Car Windshield: Replace or Repair?

There are two preferred solutions for handling cracked car windshields. You can fix it if the holes are still small, or replace the entire windshield. The second-choice solution will require more expensive costs. While the first choice is done to repair the minor damage. A car windshield is far more important in terms of your safety than damage to car paint. You can call the windshield repair phoenix for the best windshield service.

The decision to repair or replace the windshield is determined by a number of factors. Among these are the types of cracks that occur, the location of cracks, and the number of cracks experienced by windshields. The most important thing is to fix the cracked windshield immediately. Because windshield cracks can be widened if not immediately repaired or replaced with the new windshield.

On laminated or tempered windshields, cracks less than 14 inches can still be fixed. However, if the cracks that occur are larger than that, it requires a complete windshield replacement. The quality of repairing large cracks is determined by the skill of the windshield technician. Generally, cracks of 1-2 inches can still be handled, but again it all depends on the advice given by the technician.

Some insurance companies also limit the length of damage that will be covered. Well, this will help you to decide whether the cracked windshield must be replaced or can still be maintained by fixing it.

According to some studies, cracks in car windshield cannot be repaired if damage occurs extending from the exterior windshield pane through the interior. This condition is too difficult to fix. The flatness that occurs in the corner is also often difficult to repair. If the cracks spread more, then it becomes a signal that you must immediately replace the windshield. Also consider temperature sensors, radio antennas, and various other advanced technologies that are usually embedded in the windshield of a car. Does the equipment require the glass to be replaced and consider the costs to be incurred in the presence of the equipment?

The process of repairing a cracked windshield takes about 30-40 minutes and is done by injecting resin into it. When the liquid hardens, the resin will help restore the adhesiveness or integrity of the windshield. The Kerin is then polished and followed by a UV irradiation process. If this process is carried out properly, the cracks will not be able to spread further.

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