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AIMC (Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration) or the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration is a world organization in charge or provide a standard for automotive companies in building interfaces (interfaces) multimedia vehicle that will be produced by the auto manufacturers.
Multimedia system that is in automotive systems include the system of the vehicle itself, the vehicle systems are connected to the mobile system, and entertaiment system (entertainment) that is in the car.
The Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMIC) was established in October 1998 with the aim to develop a set of common specifications for multimedia interface to the electronics systems of motor vehicles to accommodate a variety of computer-based electronic devices in the vehicle. This initiative-the founder of Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Renault and Toyota – now groups all the major auto makers, and thus provide new strategic opportunities to achieve a common set of car industry.

Some of the companies involved in the organization of the AIM-C. They can be divided into two types, namely its automotive companies (Vehicle Corporation) and enterprise support (Support Corporation).
Which is becoming Vehicle Corporation, among others:
FIAT, Ford Motor Company
– General Motors
– Honda
– Nissan
– Toyota
– Renault
– PSA Peugeot Citroen

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMI-C

• Provide interface standard, allowing a driver of a vehicle (car) can use other devices through a variety of media, computers, communication devices of the navigation system and handsfreeyang commonly used in cellular phones, including the introduction of voice synthesis function for short range communications for the dedicated communication a short distance (DSRC) system for a vehicle to infrastructure communications and car systems such as airbags, door locks and diagnostic input / output.
• Improve the various options that can be used by the user and also to reduce the vehicle’s electronic system obsolescence.
• Cutting costs incurred for the entire vehicle and equipment information hidubran by increasing the size of the market that is effective and shorten the development time effective automotive industry. Because the more the number of vehicles that often contain a variety of custom developed components and platfor typical only about 50,000 units.
• Offer open standards and specifications for the interface information in the vehicle and between the vehicle and the outside world.

 Disadvantages of AMI-C
• The selling price of the vehicle to be expensive because the system that created the result of collaboration between the various manufacturers.
• Media presented quite a lot so it takes time to get used in the operation.
• Enlarge the possibility of negligence in using the system so as to cause an accident.Read More

Important Things you Should Inspect Before Buying a Used Car

What you need to check before you purchase your used car

Buying one of the many used cars for sale is often a great idea. You can get more for your money, making your cash go further so that you can buy a better model, or you can save on the car you’ve had your eye on for a long time – which your bank balance will no doubt be grateful for!

But, of course, you do have to take a few precautions to make sure you get exactly what you’re expecting. To help you out, here’s a guide on everything you need to look for when buying a used car.

Check the Points of Entry

To get a better idea of the legitimacy of the sale, take a look at the points of entry. First of all, go around the car to see if all the locks are the same; if they’re not, it may be that one of them has been changed, which is a sign of a stolen car. Next, take a look at the windows and sunroof, making sure they all open and close properly and don’t have any signs of forced entry.


Mileage Matters

If the car you’re looking to buy has done a fair few miles, it’s probably going to be in worse shape than one that’s done considerably less – not always, but usually! However, if the mileage seems too low for the age of the car, be cautious of ‘clocking’. This is when someone’s altered the mileage of the car to make it look more appealing, and that doesn’t exactly make the sale trustworthy.

Take it Out on the Road

Taking the used car for sale out for a spin is a great way to check its condition. You can try out everything from the air conditioning to the condition of the brakes, as well as listening out for any strange noises or smells. Once you’ve driven it, check that the bonnet isn’t overheating and open it up to take a look at the components inside. If anything is letting off smoke, steer well clear of the sale.


The Overall Condition

The physical condition of a car can give you a good idea as to how it’s been looked after over the years. Check the car on a sunny, clear day so that you can see any scratches or inconsistencies in the paint-work. Take a look at the drainage points to make sure they’re not blocked and head inside to check out the interior. If it’s dirty, ripped and generally looks like it hasn’t been well looked after, be more cautious of the sale.


Bring an Expert

If you’re unsure of all things car-related, it’s a good idea to bring an expert to check out any used cars for sale.  This could just be a friend who knows more than you, or you could try and hire a mechanic to come with you. They can properly take a look at all … Read More

Self-Driving Cars and the Amount of Power They Use

Cars that drive themselves are now found everywhere. You can see them in the streets of California, Michigan, Paris, London, Singapore, and Beijing. Self-drivers of our modern times can do without extra engines. However, they still use crazy amounts of power (as it’s often described) to run their onboard sensors, calculate, analyze the world, and make driving decisions.

Self-Driving Car Industry

In the last five years, autonomous driving has passed through an interesting period. Just a few years ago, it was considered “maybe possible.” Today, everything’s changed. You must already be thinking of times when you’ll be able to travel through Space like SpaceX’ Starman is doing right now.

The World Economic Forum, BCG, and the MIT Media Lab conducted a study of downtown Boston in 2017. The study shows that today’s shift from privately-owned vehicles to on-demand electric vehicles designed to be autonomous would reduce the number of cars on the road by 28% by 2030. Moreover, such shift would cut average travel times by 30%. Also, it would result in a 66% reduction in CO2 emissions, and 48% reduction in parking spaces required.

What to expect from the upcoming decade? For this, let’s focus on what to expect from ride-hailing platforms such as Uber, Lyft, and Didi. Well, they’re projected to make a transition from human-driven, internal combustion engine cars to autonomous electric vehicles. This will also include millions of driverless cars, and potentially thousands of pilotless vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

With all the changes and developments in mind, it’s too important to be able to secure a reliable automotive merchant account for the future growth of your business. Find the right specialist in the field that can get you an affordable and secure merchant account without difficulty.

The Power Self-Driving Cars Use

Approximately 6 gigabytes of data per 30 seconds is needed for a production car with cameras and radar to analyze. A self-driver, with additional sensors like lidar, generates more. All the data should be combined and analyzed. This requires a lot of computing power, which implies enormous electricity demands. Almost 2.500 watts is used by prototypes.

In the consumer electronics business, the car industry has a role model. The latter has to do with devices becoming smaller and more capable. John Ronco, VP of product marketing at ARM, a British multinational semiconductor and software design company, notes that all their customers need increased performance and lower power. As Ronco says, they need to implement this across all markets.

According to IHS Markit, an information and analysis providing company, 19.6% of the total estimated 5G sales enablement of $12.3 trillion in 2035 will be associated with the automotive/transport ecosystem. This is equal to over $2.4 trillion in economic output across the automotive, transportation and logistics sectors and their customers.

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Recycling aluminium in the global automotive industry

Lightness, electrical, thermal and sound conductivity. These are the properties that make aluminium a precious raw material: it is excellent for processing and lends itself well to all mechanical processing, from lamination to shot blasting. The industrial sector that uses this material the most is the automotive industry. Aluminium is used for forging bodywork, engine components, pumps, wheels, box containers, bumpers, finishes and many other vehicle components.

Recycled aluminium retains all its original properties: non-toxicity, the absence of magnetism, workability (it can be moulded more easily than other metals) and versatility (it can be used in various rigid or elastic alloys). Aluminium can be 100% recycled and re-used endlessly to make new products. Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy used in the extraction and processing of bauxite. It takes 15 kWh to produce 1 kilo of primary aluminium, but only 0.75 kWh to produce recycled aluminium. In the automotive sector, 90% of the aluminium used to produce wheel rims is recycled and 30% of the aluminium used to make pistons and cylinders is recycled; on average, 40% of the aluminium used from the beginning to the end of the car production process is recycled.

Aluminium waste is sent to the separation and initial treatment plant. Here it is separated from any magnetic metals (iron) or different materials (glass, plastic etc.). After initial inspection of its quality, it is pre-treated in a foundry at about 500°C to remove any paint and other adherent foreign substances. It is then fused in a furnace at a temperature of 800°C. The aluminium, now in its liquid state, is then transformed into ingots and re-enters the production cycle.

The price of energy today is a factor that makes recycling crucial in the automotive industry. The United States and Japan excel in recycling aluminium, followed by Italy and Germany. It is no coincidence that these countries are the world’s key players in the automotive industry. China is also increasing its percentage of recovery and use of recycled aluminium of the total amount processed.

Many industrial companies have begun to adapt their production processes to optimise recovery. One such example is Turbotecnica Engineering, an Italian company, which, for more than thirty years, has been designing and manufacturing all types of shot blast machine, professional sandblasters and sandblasting chambers, either standard or customised to meet the needs of end users – including automotive industries and professional workshops – for the Italian and the international market. All the systems produced by Turbotecnica are equipped with innovative systems to eliminate waste and all impurities arising from the mixture of abrasive materials and extracted air. Residues from processing are automatically collected for disposal or recycling.

Thanks to ongoing research into the development of recycling and pre- and post-consumer recovery technologies (which can be used to drastically reduce CO2 emissions), the automotive recycled aluminium sector has become important on the world scene from an economic, employment and strategic point of view.… Read More

Tutorial How To Reset Windows 10 So As New

PCs and Laptops are getting slower and slower. Variety damage such as operating system problem may also be more and more. But if yours PC or laptop is exposed to software problems, you can fix it easily.

Various system and software problems can be fixed by resetting Windows. Yes, by doing a Windows reset, will make the Windows operating system to be like new again.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system that was released a few years ago. Of course Windows 10 comes with many additions and feature enhancements. But that does not mean Windows 10 is free from problems here.

There are times when Windows 10 is experiencing system issues, bugs, and others. Actually you do not need to re-install completely. You can try resetting Windows to reset Windows to a completely new state.

You do not need to download ISO or do a variety of things that seem complicated. The Windows reset process is very easy. You just press a few steps to start the Windows reset process and wait for the reset process to complete.

For those of you who want to know how to reset Windows 10 without loosed any projects, you can follow this easy tutorial.

  1. Make sure your computer or PC is not dead because of power outages or something. For laptop users, it is also advisable to install the battery while charging the battery.
  2. Go to Settings – Update & Security – Recovery in Windows 10.

  1. You will find the Reset this PC and Get Started button to start the Windows 10 reset process.
  2. Click Get Started to immediately start the process of resetting Windows 10 on your PC or laptop.
  3. You can choose to keep your personal files up or delete any data on your PC or laptop.

  1. Select Remove Everything to make Windows really come back like new. The risk is that all data will be lost.
  2. Click Reset to immediately start the Windows 10 reset process.

  1. Wait a while until the Windows reset setup is complete.

  1. The PC or laptop will restart and reset Windows will start. Make sure your PC or laptop is not dead when resetting Windows 10.

  1. You will also see the Install Windows 10 process when the reset process is almost done. Wait for it all to finish.

  1. If you are able to log into the desktop, then the Windows 10 reset process is complete.

It is advisable to backup Windows data so that if this Windows reset process fails in the middle of the road for a reason, you will not lose data because all data is backed up and securely stored.

Although the user can choose to keep your private files stored and not deleted, but it could be the Windows 10 problem is from the user file.

So for the process of resetting Windows 10 is running smoothly and the maximum results, just delete all the data also by selecting Remove Everything for PC or laptop really like new again.… Read More

AC Problems and Vehicle Transmission

AC or air conditioner has become an integral part of a vehicle just as Transmission on the car serves to adjust the required moment with the state of the road or motor rotation. Besides that, the transmission also serves to change the direction of rotation of the propeller shaft so that the car can run back then if any problem can be brought to RV repair Tacoma. While the AC or a device that makes the temperature inside the cabin becomes cooler becomes very crucial when we have to drive a car in the middle of the sun. Getting out of the car in wet conditions due to sweat would be unsightly. That’s why, since every car can certainly be installed this cooling device. Unfortunately, for some people, attention to car air conditioning is still far less than the engine or other support tools. Generally, the owners of the new car checked AC when experiencing problems. Not doing routine service like a machine that has a special schedule to change engine oil, ignition service, injector or carburetor service, and so forth.

Before visiting the service workshops of AC located near the residence or recommended in AC repair Tacoma, it’s good to understand first the parts of the car air conditioner. The car’s air conditioner consists of several separate components but becomes a whole in producing a cool temperature inside the cabin, including:

Expansion valve
Receiver Dryer

The five components that support the performance of car air conditioners. One of the components has problems or is damaged then the car air conditioning work will not be maximal. Sometimes even to know the damage one of the components must do the overall examination.

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