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definition multimedia interface automotive collaboration

AIMC (Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration) or the Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration is a world organization in charge or provide a standard for automotive companies in building interfaces (interfaces) multimedia vehicle that will be produced by the auto manufacturers.
Multimedia system that is in automotive systems include the system of the vehicle itself, the vehicle systems are connected to the mobile system, and entertaiment system (entertainment) that is in the car.
The Automotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (AMIC) was established in October 1998 with the aim to develop a set of common specifications for multimedia interface to the electronics systems of motor vehicles to accommodate a variety of computer-based electronic devices in the vehicle. This initiative-the founder of Daimler-Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Renault and Toyota – now groups all the major auto makers, and thus provide new strategic opportunities to achieve a common set of car industry.

Some of the companies involved in the organization of the AIM-C. They can be divided into two types, namely its automotive companies (Vehicle Corporation) and enterprise support (Support Corporation).
Which is becoming Vehicle Corporation, among others:
FIAT, Ford Motor Company
– General Motors
– Honda
– Nissan
– Toyota
– Renault
– PSA Peugeot Citroen

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMI-C

• Provide interface standard, allowing a driver of a vehicle (car) can use other devices through a variety of media, computers, communication devices of the navigation system and handsfreeyang commonly used in cellular phones, including the introduction of voice synthesis function for short range communications for the dedicated communication a short distance (DSRC) system for a vehicle to infrastructure communications and car systems such as airbags, door locks and diagnostic input / output.
• Improve the various options that can be used by the user and also to reduce the vehicle’s electronic system obsolescence.
• Cutting costs incurred for the entire vehicle and equipment information hidubran by increasing the size of the market that is effective and shorten the development time effective automotive industry. Because the more the number of vehicles that often contain a variety of custom developed components and platfor typical only about 50,000 units.
• Offer open standards and specifications for the interface information in the vehicle and between the vehicle and the outside world.

 Disadvantages of AMI-C
• The selling price of the vehicle to be expensive because the system that created the result of collaboration between the various manufacturers.
• Media presented quite a lot so it takes time to get used in the operation.
• Enlarge the possibility of negligence in using the system so as to cause an accident.Read More

Choosing the right forklift for your operation

Forklifts are the worker bees in any manufacturing and warehouse operations. They are commonly used to move heavy loads and sometimes in lifting or removing objects from high places. These powered industrial trucks are either ridden or controlled by a walking operator. They come in many types and these represent various operating hazards.

When choosing a forklift for your operation, the following are some specifics you should consider

It should match the work specifications

Think about the prerequisites and the functions that you would require of a forklift. Large companies would require several of these machines and therefore, you must pay close attention to these details and think about how different forklifts can serve different purposes. Consider the length of the aisles and other specifications such as the size of the items that you would need to lift. Whether the forklift will be used indoors or outdoors will dictate the power source; for instance, an electric forklift may only be used indoors, while battery or a generator can be used to power outdoors and would definitely impact safety.

If it is to be used indoors, you need to check the width, weight of the forklift and overhead obstructions. If it is to be used outdoors, you need to consider the tire type. You can consider a powered forklift so that you would not have to worry if the place in which it is operating in is too dark. You will need a forklift that is well endowed with tires especially if it is operating under slippery floors.

Consider the OSHA regulations

OSHA regulations are against a forklift or any machine of such magnitude being operated by someone under 18 years of age. These are considered minors and therefore cannot be certified to operate such machines. To determine the best way to protect workers, according to OSHA, depends on the size of the machine and the condition of the work site. Therefore, it is a requirement by this regulator for every employer to train their truck operators on a variety of subjects. Top on the list is maintenance and vehicle inspection. There is also a requirement for a daily pre-shift powered industrial trucks inspection.

A forklift plays a major role in moving and arranging big loads in a warehouse. Thus, think carefully before you purchase one.… Read More

What to look out for when renting a car

Renting a car has become one of the easiest ways to move around. Wherever you are in the country, you can rent a car at whatever time and for whatever period. It is critical, however, to find out the terms and conditions on the contract to avoid unnecessary charges that are accrued due to a violation of the terms. This article aims at pointing out a few observations you have to make so that you can have an enjoyable experience.

Choose your picking spot carefully

The rental location spot affects the overall price of the car rental. It should not surprise you when the same car rental prices differ in different spots. For instance, car hiring at the airport is more expensive than a car hired in a hotel; this is because the service provider has to pay more to operate at the airport compared to a hotel.

What are the additional services?

The cost of renting a car is highly determined by the additional services that the commercial vehicle rental Singapore offers. If you are not careful, the renting company would include extra services for a fee, something that you may not need at all. For instance; if you request for a baby seat or additional driver, the renting company may take advantage and charge you exorbitantly. Check through the checklist and cross every extra service you may not require. You’ll be surprised how much you could save from a single contract. Again, there are extra services that they should offer free, compare and choose the company that gives you a variety of extra free- services.

Check the insurance coverage

Is the vehicle you are about to get, properly insured. Of importance here is to ensure that the insurance coverage includes occasional waivers. It is prudent for you to get an insurance policy purchase prior to avoid the last minute highly priced insurance policies. Without a proper insurance cover, you may have to pay for the car damages incurred during your trip and this could cost you a significant amount.

Check out for damages and any scratches

Before you take over the car, look out for any scratches or damages and record such together with the rental agent. In case you incur further damage, it would be easy to tell to what extent the car was damaged under your custody. Remember, if you don’t have a record of existing damages, you could be forced to pay for what you aren’t responsible for.

Before you sign that car rental contract, you must be on the watch out for the condition of the car. Take your sweet time to understand the terms of the contract and the prices for all additional services. Whatever cost can be avoided, cross it from the list, save the much you can.… Read More

Understanding your scrap car value

It’s a reality, the beetle is dead. It’s now old and it’s costly to keep it on the road or may be, it’s already on the rocks. You have the option of keeping it at your garage as a memory or sell it at a value and do something gainful with the proceeds. Obviously, the latter option sounds like the best option and thus you want to go ahead and dispose the vehicle at a reasonably competitive price.

The most important thing at this stage is to understand the worth of your car scrap and then you can move on and get the right buyer. Keep reading and find out how to go about it.

What time of the year are you selling your car scrap?

For some cars, the time of the year you try selling makes a huge difference. For instance, selling a 4*4 during bad weather would fetch some good money. At this time, the demand for such hardy vehicles is high and therefore you will reap much more than during other seasons. Others like the convertibles would fetch good money during the warm months, when the sun is shining. You may not wait for the weather changes and therefore, if it’s profitable, you could consider driving to states with such weather.

Don’t wait for too long

Waiting for the right season, like the bad weather to sell your 4*4 might not work especially if I would take you months. The scrap car values deteriorates at a faster rate when not in use and therefore, some parts that would have fetched you some good dollars may end up becoming obsolete. Rust easily covers a still car and the rubber parts turn brittle, gasoline begins to absorb water from the atmosphere and fluids begin to ooze out. In fact, during the rainy or snowy seasons, a month is enough to render the parts of the car useless.

Find out the current scrap car prices

Most of the car scrap dealer companies are looking out for steel, aluminum, copper and other valuable metals in your car. Find out the approximate weight of any of these metals in your car; their current prices will greatly affect the car scrap value.  A scrap car dealer wants to buy the metals because they in turn would sell to manufacturers who will recycle and make other valuables. The price is primarily determined by the demand- when it’s high, then better for you. The demand is determined by whether the cost of manufacturing is low and many people are buying cars, whether people are constructing and therefore high demand for construction materials. Therefore, before you sell that car, walk to metal dealer and check out the prices.

The list of the factors that would determine the price of your scrap is endless. However, it is imperative you do a market price research before you settle on the much you’d want to get for your car. Consult widely with friends who have done this business … Read More

The Top Four Careers The Require A Simple License Upgrade

We are six months into 2018 already – where did the time go? For many people, the June mark on a calendar can be a wakeup call reminding them of their New Year’s resolutions and what they have done to achieve them. This is what we are asking you today. What was your New Year’s resolution? Was it to get a new job, or to upgrade your career with a new license? If it was, then we have some good news for you – it’s not too late! You can still take the plunge and begin a new career path upgrading your license without too much hassle. To show you what you can do, we will discuss four careers that you could enter with a simple license upgrade.

1. The HGV Driver

If being an HGV driver is your bread and butter, this means that you are able to drive any heavy goods vehicle across the country or internationally. The majority of HGV drivers are able to drive long distances and can travel overseas as part of their job. It is not a glamorous position, but there are several benefits including international travel. If you are an anti-social person or feel uncomfortable in social situations, then this is the ideal option as you do not need to transport passengers or speak to others during your daily operations.

Currently, there are numerous job openings for qualified HGV drivers – 10,000 in the United Kingdom at our last count, and not enough drivers available to fill the positions. To become an HGV driver, all you require is a Category C license, and you will have access to all of these positions wherever you go. Sites such as The LGV Training Company is a good place to go to to find HGV and LGV vacancies to suit your needs.

2. The Delivery Driver

Of course, it is not all about leaving home. In some cases, you merely need employment that will get you ‘out and about’, delivering things from one place to another while still sleeping in your own bed each night. Working as a delivery driver is ideal for a person with a family that they wish to spend time with. By upgrading to a Category C1 driver’s license, you will be able to opt for any of the various delivery driving positions in your region delivering goods to companies and private homes. A delivery driver will complete several tasks in a single day for many different companies in separate industries, so the work is always varied.

3. The Tour Guide Driver

If you reside in a tourist-heavy location and are not bothered by people, then you could make a living as a tour guide driver. By upgrading your driver’s license from a Category B to a Category D1 license, you will be permitted to drive a minibus. This will help you find jobs as a minibus driver in urban areas, such as driving accessibility vehicles for hospitals or schools. It … Read More